The Crowdfunding Platform For Women

Starting up business, if you are cash strapped, can be pretty tough. It is still workable, but the journey is longer. Having extra funds helps you sustain your business operations and makes it easier to scale for growth.

No matter how many times you heard that as long as you have “passion”, you will be able to go through it all. The phrase has some truth in it but not entirely. Passion may fade but a purpose will remain.

So it’s always good to start with the “Why” of your business first. Once you set your purpose right, whenever you feel overwhelmed, you will be reminded continuously of why you started the business in the first place and this will further fuel your drive to complete your mission with less hesitation.

For a few years now, we’ve been organizing various women get together events — big and small, and most of the time, we’ve received feedback that most Women were unable to explore an idea or grow a business due to lack of support and resources. Resources in this case is funds.

It’s disheartening to learn that even in this era, Women businesses and startups is still underfunded versus their male peers. Read this eye opening article here to understand further.

But this doesn’t mean one need to rely 100% on grants or crowdfunding approach to kick start a business. The keyword here is “Start”. Simply, if you want to test drive an idea, start with your own funds first and see where it leads you. If it’s worth it to invest more time and funds to grow it, it’s good to consider looking for funding alternatives.


Women founders are often careful, they take time to process an information before making decision. Perhaps this is the reason why women are perceived as “less competitive” by investors compared to their male peers, where they are known to be more energetic, forward thinking and action oriented.

But rest assured, Women startups have been known to outperform their male peers but it seems that these facts too is not enough to prove that Women is as capable — if not better.


Women crowdfunding platform is not something new. Thanks to Kickstarter, the big brother of all crowdfunding platforms, similar new platforms have been created all over the world to meet various campaigns and missions. Through our research there were at least two Women Crowdfunding platforms in the U.S and both have served the Women startups community there well. The ecosystem support coming from successful Women Founders in the U.S is inspiring!

Hence, we created HanafundMe so it can serve the same purpose for Women in the ASEAN region because we understand that not every women in this part of the world is able to raise funds through conventional approach.


Being the first and only Women Crowdfunding platform in Malaysia (Asia actually!), we want to create awareness and presence to encourage more Women within the region to start something and explore their dreams. In a nutshell, we want to be one of the preferred platform that represents upcoming enterprising and inspiring Women in Asia.

HanafundMe also support the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) to transform communities and the world, in particular SDG pillars 5,8, 9, and 10. More about the SDG here.


Currently on BETA stage, HanaFundMe platform is specifically designed to help Girls / Women-owned startups, businesses, non-profits and side hustles raise funds to kickstart or support innovative or impacting ideas, projects or missions through Community.

Simply sign up on the page (its a FREE sign up) and upload your first campaign. The process is super easy. Should you encounter any issues, feel free to contact us at


With Hanafundme, we envision where everyone comes together and support each other by seeing either a passion project or an enterprising business take off, that may help a hardworking and passionate Woman or Girl feed her family, achieve a lifelong mission or even change the world. Everyone can play a part no matter how small a contribution is.

It is even more meaningful to see successful Women (no matter which Country or continent they come from) help support struggling but ambitious Women that was once like her before.

We want to create that positive ripple effect ,that reflects the phrase, “When women support each other, incredible things happen” .

It is our dream to be able to do our part to help Women kickstart their dreams and mission, and to be part of their success journey.

If you wish to collaborate with us or invite us to be of the ecosystem that supports Women startups in the ASEAN (or Asia) region, feel free to be in contact.