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Data Smart Kids is about providing coding lessons for your children where we encourage them to have fun while learning skills like building a computer game, problem solving and analytical thinking.

Training up Children to be future Thinkers and Innovators

by Daphne Choong

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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Daphne Choong

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Some Note About Me

My name is Daphne Choong and I moved up the IT career ladder from a software programmer to Chief Technology Officer and have accumulated 20 years of experience in the software industry. An avid computer programmer, I now invest my time teaching children coding and computational skills in the hope to develop a future generation of innovators and scientists for Malaysia. I teach kids programming concepts through fun games and activities and encourages them to construct their own knowledge through active learning.

About Data Smart Kids

Computational skills are one of the fundamental skills now and in the future. But people mistake computational skills with computer skills. In fact Computational skills are not about computers. This may be a surprise to many. But it is like saying astronomy is about the telescope, and being a doctor is about how to use the stethoscope. It is actually beyond that.

We are not teaching code, we are teaching thinking. Coding is just a crystallized thinking.

Our People

Our team is led by a PhD (computer science) with graduate degree in education with years of teaching experience in a foreign university. Team includes experienced professionals in software and IT.

Our People
Dr Loke & Daphne (Partners of Data Smart Kids)

Constructing Knowledge

Lessons are designed and informed by the research on learning and teaching. We favor constructivist approach where students are to build knowledge on their own instead of being thought as a vessel to receive knowledge.

Here’s how constructing knowledge works, in this class, we allow the children to figure out how to sort a set of numbers held in containers or variables (computing term):

Active Learning

We believe that knowledge are gained through human interaction and communication, so our classes include many non computer based activities. We aim to stimulate thinking and engage in natural problem solving. Programming is presented as a problem solving activity.

Here’s how active learning works, in this class, we teach the children the computing concept of broadcasting and receiving information messages:

Guided Small Class

Lessons are in a small class conducted by personal guidance to ensure focus.

Data Smart Kids


Lessons are designed to be not just copy and paste, and not just follow the instructions. Basically if you just follow instructions, students learn nothing except being better in following instructions.

Implementing what they have learned by coding a game.
Engage on active learning.

Funds Utilization

Funds raised in this campaign will be used towards purchasing more computer resources.

We need Raspberry Pi, monitors, keyboards, mice, speakers, laptops, etc. If there are surplus funds beyond that, we will invest in robotics equipment so that we can teach kids about robotics programming, which the kids will love.


We will invest part of the funds raised in social media marketing, SEO marketing as well as booths in events to further raise awareness for our coding school for children.

Why invest in your child?

Give your child a gift – coding lessons where he or she can have fun while learning skills like building a computer game, problem solving and develops analytical thinking.

One of our students, Sydelle had designed a game after just 3 lessons with us! She has no prior coding knowledge. This is the  game where the player (a Ghost) dodges falling dragons from the sky:

Got a child to sponsor?

Sponsor a niece or nephew, a family friend or even under-privilege kid. Or just want a fun T-shirt? Starting from a small pledge of RM50 it helps us to purchase the equipments needed for our coding classes.

Our kids enjoyed our classes very much, check out their unscripted testimonies here:



FREE Data Smart Kids Limited Edition T-Shirt for 1 Child.

September, 2020

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Two 1-hour online coding class for 1 child, worth RM 60.

April, 2020

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One TRIAL coding class for 1 child (2 hours).

April, 2020

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One TRIAL coding class for 1 child (2 hours) + FREE Data Smart Kids T-Shirt.

April, 2020

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One month (weekly) coding classes for 1 child & 1 FREE Data Smart Kids T-Shirt.

April, 2020

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Two months (weekly) coding classes for 1 Child & 1 FREE Data Smart Kids T-Shirt.

April, 2020

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