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As the nation moves towards online learning, not everyone is fortunate to have the access to this necessity at home. So to bridge this, Taylor’s Me.Reka Makerspace, who joined forces with Taylor’s students from Taylor’s Makers Club, Robotics Club, and Agents of Tech, will be building e-Learning devices for the children in the community! Hence, we’ll be holding a donation drive to collect a sum of RM10,000 which will be used to develop 25 devices.

Join us to make a difference for those children in need!

The Taylor’s Duckie Initiative

by Ivy Chin

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We kickstarted the Taylor’s Duckie project last year hoping to make a difference to the community that is dear to us — to slay barriers, reach greater heights, and extend the beacon of hope to those in need.

With the Covid-19 pandemic, the nation is forced to move towards online learning. However, not everyone is fortunate to have the access to this necessity at home. 

Looking at the situation and children affected, the idea to develop a learning device began in December 2020. Since then, Taylor’s students from Taylor’s Makers Club, Robotics Club, and Agents of Tech have tirelessly worked to find ways to develop a functional yet cost-efficient device to be donated to children who have no or minimal access to e-Learning. 

Initially, the e-Learning device was a simple tablet with a basic function to attend online lessons.

Fast forward to March 2021 and after several rounds of upgrades, it has now transformed into a functional e-learning device which is more suitable for students to be able to study online properly.

With that in mind, the team would need the full support from the community to realise the hopes of the children in need to be able to access online learning. 


Imported devices initially donated to the Me.reka Belia student classes.
Me.reka Belia digital literacy class in progress.

As reported by Malaysiakini, according to the Ministry of Education, about 1.85million Malaysian students or 37% of them do not have any appropriate device to engage in an online learning programme. That’s not all, an internal survey which was conducted within 16 blocks at the Pantai Dalam Projek Perumahan Rakyat (PPRS), found that the families had limited devices per household.

With the families owning only 1-2 devices that are shared among a family of 4, it is indeed a critical concern as it impacts school-going children, especially during the pandemic whereby all classes are conducted online. This leaves the children with little to no resources to attend online classes, and if they do, they’re typically shared among many siblings.

Due to the lack of devices and connectivity at home, parents are also forced to send their children to attend lessons in school despite fearing for their health during this pandemic. The lack of contact for support from their classmates and teachers, especially emotionally, also causes severe effects on the children’s mental health. 

Hence, we’ve pledged to kickstart this campaign to ensure we continuously gather funds to build the DuckieDesk for children in need. 

The DuckieDesk is strongly recommended as it is:

  1. Self-made by Taylorians and is optimised for Google Suite and Zoom.
  2. Faster than comparable devices of the same specifications.
  3. Cheaper to create than purchasing branded devices from the market. 


At present, to kickstart the initiative, we’re focused on delivering 50 DuckieDesks as part of the Mereka Belia initiative so that they have access to devices for online education. We’re also reaching out to other communities who may be in need of the devices as well as corporate partners who can provide additional funding to develop and enhance the DuckieDesk.

That said, the Taylor’s Duckie team sees this campaign to be able to reach out to the whole collective who require aid in online learning, beyond just our local community. In addition, the project also addresses a global education need around digital literacy, which underprivileged children are unable to learn about without access to their own devices. We’re confident that this device will be able to impact the future of education for many children in need worldwide. 


This initiative aims to bridge the gap of online learning for the children with little to no access. By being a part of our journey, you’ll be able to transform the lives of the affected children and bring education a step closer to them. 

Whether it’s RM5 or RM500, every pledge received will make a significant difference in helping us secure and source a component for the device. Pledge now to be a part of something meaningful.

To learn more:

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Jessie Chong RM100.00 March 19, 2021


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