Raising funds to support my final year studies

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Hi, my name is Sophia Rose Binti Razif. I am currently studying at Heriot-Watt Malaysia in my second year. I am a Psychology student and  I study really hard towards becoming a successful neuropsychologist one day. I have only one year and one semester left but due to the current economic situation, my mother struggle to fund my studies and due to this, I have no choice but to turn to fundraising.

Raising funds to support my final year studies

by Sophia Rose Razif

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Sophia Rose Razif

Gombak, Malaysia

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Everything has gone downhill for me ever since my dad passed away more than a year ago. From thereon, I lost a very important person in my life and I don’t have anyone else to count on.

Dad and me.

My mother is a single mother who is trying her best to help me with my studies. She has been working hard for years to take care of my siblings and I, and I wish to help her by running this fundraising to ease her burden and hopefully my effort will be able to help me fund the remaining fees.

Someone had suggested for me to raise a fundraising campaign to get help and hopefully be able to ease the burden of my single mother. My mother is currently working from home and have been struggling to sustain.

me and mom Mom and Me.

I am currently studying Bachelor of Psychology in Year 2 at Heriot-Watt Malaysia. I wish to then further my studies to masters of Neuropsychology in order to get into that field of work. It has always been my dream to achieve this.

I am passionate to become a successful psychologist one day and do not wish to give up now. I have another ONE year and ONE semester left.



Any help from you is highly appreciated and I can’t thank you enough for every generosity received.

I really hope not to drop out now and wish to continue my studies, graduate and achieve my dream. I will try my hardest to achieve my goal and I plead for your generosity and any assistance at all that can help me achieve this. Any amount is appreciated and will be used towards paying my tuition fees.

Name Donate Amount Date
Norlida piee RM200.00 November 23, 2020
Anonymous RM500.00 November 23, 2020
Anonymous RM300.00 November 23, 2020
Anonymous RM250.00 November 22, 2020
Merina Ibrahim RM100.00 November 22, 2020
Anonymous RM100.00 November 22, 2020
Anonymous RM300.00 November 20, 2020
Anonymous RM100.00 November 19, 2020
Roowina Merican RM100.00 November 19, 2020
Anonymous RM50.00 November 19, 2020
Anonymous RM300.00 November 18, 2020
Mohammed Faruk RM500.00 November 16, 2020
Anonymous RM300.00 November 15, 2020
Anonymous RM10.00 November 15, 2020
Anonymous RM10.00 November 15, 2020
Arina Bkhry RM5.00 November 15, 2020
Anonymous RM100.00 November 14, 2020
Anonymous RM100.00 November 14, 2020


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