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Just when we thought that in this age and time, our infrastructure should have improved years ago – INTERNET CONNECTION is still one of the issues that has not been addressed well yet especially in rural areas of Malaysia.

And when we were hit with the Covid19 pandemic, students from the rural areas in Malaysia struggled to keep up with their studies online due to unavailability or weak internet connection. Even during the RMCO period this is still a struggle too.

In this campaign, we address the plights of rural students (and teachers) in Sabah that not only struggle with internet connectivity but also limited access to online learning due to old or lack of suitable devices. Most of them are of old models and unable to support the heavy datas. Their plights are not limited – there are many others that are waiting to be discovered.

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Plight Of Sabah’s Students With Online Learning

by Angie Chin

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With Kampung Kindasan folks in Keningau (with some of the students who are also the recipients of the devices that we’ve fundraised since July 2020).

Due to several Covid19 MCO phases implemented in Malaysia,  and the implementation of online learning, to get better connection, rural students in Sabah had to walk miles away to the end of their village where the signal (4G) is the strongest. Some have to climb up trees, roofs, hills or even sat on a suspension bridge to get nearer to the signal from nearby telco towers.

Come rain or shine, they have no choice but to do this (every single day throughout the MCO period) to ensure that they do not miss any classes due to recorded attendance. We shudder to imagine children from as young as 7 had to struggle and find ways to get access to the internet just to study.

Remember this story? Bridge over troubled Internet connection: 3 Sabah teens injured   and that’s just about connectivity. Not to mention parents that own old smartphones that couldn’t support online learning nor afford to get a new one. Most of them work as farmers or rubber tappers and depends on daily or weekly wages.

With recipients of the devices that we fundraised earlier (Sept 2020).

For some kampungs, the villagers cleared a small area in the nearby jungle to built a wooden makeshift hut, complete with bamboo table/bench and a simple zinc roof or plastic sheets to protect them from rain and sun.

To study at the hut, they brought along fully charged laptops, books and portable power banks for their mobile devices. There is no electrical connectivity to charge devices at the hut. If there is a thunderstorm, most of them had to run back home with their school bags. Its disheartening to learn how they have to inevitably go through this just to ensure they do not miss their online class.

Our very own Inspiring Wonder Women Of Malaysia Card Game. The first of its kind in Malaysia.

In order to raise more funds, we have resorted to selling t-shirts and Inspiring Women Of Malaysia Card Game too.

Serious discussion with Kindasan representative, Mdm Flovia Ng (now YB Flovia Ng).


According to a data survey, there were at least 1,182 national schools in Sabah. And perhaps more than half of these are situated in the rural areas of Sabah. You can imagine the number of students that were affected.

Hence, we have pledged to keep this campaign on going throughout this pandemic period to ensure we continuously gather funds to assist the challenged income students with the followings:

  1. New Laptop (preferably with MS Office).
  2. New Tablets or Smartphones.
  3. WiFi Modem.
  4. Data SIM Cards.

We strongly recommend NEW devices due to:

  1. New devices are able to support online learning better.
  2. Old devices requires fixing and the cost to repair usually costs MORE than getting a new one. New devices comes with a service warranty in case there is a manufacturer defect.

Since data connectivity is an issue in most of these kampungs, and MCMC has banned signal boosters, we are exploring the possibility of installing a satellite dish by ConnectMe ( but this too comes with initial budget to install, deposit payment and not to mention monthly repayments for 2 years.  At least RM2,000 is required for each installation.

Since we are not sure of the total estimates required (also depending on how many students we can assist) we hope Malaysians can be generous to chip in.

We put on an achievable amount of RM50,000.00 to at least help us kick start.

Students checking out donated devices.

ANY spill over balance received from pledgers/donors or items in kind (as mentioned above) donated by compassionate parties, we endeavor to forward them to deserving students in Sabah that are truly in need. While our priority focus is on the rural B40 families, we are also open to help M40 families that were economically affected on a case to case basis.


We were appalled to learn that throughout Sabah itself there were only 3 (THREE) Pusat Internet Desa and 86 Pusat Internet 1Malaysia. We believe this was the initiative of the then Government. Unfortunately, it is NOT known how many of these centers are even working or still active. Most latest updates on these centers were in year 2015 and that was 6 years ago.

Nevertheless, we aspire to work on a more sustainable long term plan, that is to come up with Adopt A Kampung Program to engage community and empower rural folks to sustain the project. However, we cannot do this without the State Government’s support.  We welcome collaboration to work on this plan eventually.


Hence we are appealing to all generous Malaysian (and Politicians from Sabah Land Below The Wind) to work together with us on this mission. Every pledge that we receive will go into this campaign pool of funds so we can continue to GIVE the much needed help to rural students in need.

Latest update (3 February 2021): In the meantime, we have secured a partnership with Huawei and Umobile late last year (2020), where Huawei had donated 60 tablets and Umobile sponsored one year of free data to students in need. However, we believe that this is NOT enough and we hope to secure more similar partnerships with other device vendors/telcos.


  1. Daily Express
  2. Cambodianess
  3. The Star (Part 1)
  4. The Star (Part 2)


For more info about this project or to arrange donation in kind (new laptops, tablets, smartphones, modems etc), kindly contact us at

  • 2020-07-04

    eLearning under plastic sack roof.

    Thank you The Star, Malaysia for covering the campaign story

    Since the campaign story was published, relevant agencies and VIP has gone to the village to visit the siblings makeshift hut and rendered the necessary assistance. Nevertheless, there are still other students in rural Sabah that still needs our help.

  • 2020-07-04

    Sabah teens build hut in clearing to keep up with Online Learning.

    Thank you Malaysia Kini, for covering the campaign story

    We still continue to raise for many more students in need in rural areas of Sabah. While the connectivity issue is something that is beyond our capabilities – we can only highlight them in our campaign and hopefully the relevant parties will take notice, our focus now is to get the necessary devices to ensure the students able to access learning online.

  • 2020-07-04

    We are still far from target goal.

    We wish to kick start the pledge to the campaign and we need your support on the newly launched Wonder Women Of Malaysia Card Game. Initially, its a personal passion project of the platform Founder with hope to raise funds to publish Coffee Table Book that showcases Inspiring Women in Asia. However, the plan is now shifted to support this campaign.

    For every ONE set of card game that you purchase, we will donate ONE set for one Student.

    Plus, a net profit from the sale will go to the campaign.

    If you wish to support and place your order, you may do it here

Name Donate Amount Date
Audrey Kinson RM20.00 April 06, 2021
Anonymous RM50.00 February 17, 2021
Niza Yahya RM300.00 February 16, 2021
Jerry Hang RM100.00 February 16, 2021
MOHD ZUBAIR SULAIMAN RM20.00 February 11, 2021
Carol Fung RM50.00 February 08, 2021
Anonymous RM20.00 February 03, 2021
Irene mositol RM50.00 February 02, 2021
Anonymous RM50.00 January 23, 2021
Siti Nuraishah Ahmad RM100.00 November 01, 2020
Sarah Yazmien RM5.00 October 30, 2020
Anonymous RM10.00 October 27, 2020
Anonymous RM10.00 October 26, 2020
Willing Tan RM100.00 October 25, 2020
Meagan Mitrovich RM400.00 October 23, 2020
Anonymous RM5.00 October 13, 2020
Ruth Miranda RM50.00 October 13, 2020
Anonymous RM50.00 September 05, 2020
Phillipa Yoong RM100.00 August 27, 2020
haryzal Hariry RM400.00 August 24, 2020
Anonymous RM50.00 August 23, 2020
Nicole Hernandez RM10.00 August 12, 2020
Derrick Teh RM500.00 August 03, 2020
Anonymous RM1,200.00 July 18, 2020
Anonymous RM10.00 July 18, 2020
Anonymous RM50.00 July 18, 2020
Kenny Ku RM100.00 July 16, 2020
Yasmin Rasyid RM100.00 July 12, 2020
SOPHIA WIE RM5,000.00 July 10, 2020
SOPHIA WIE RM1,000.00 July 10, 2020
Hooi Chuen Keh RM50.00 July 08, 2020
Jemilah Mahmood RM200.00 July 08, 2020
Meng Yew Kee RM1,200.00 July 01, 2020
Yuvanesh Kumar RM10.00 July 01, 2020
Suan Goh RM100.00 June 30, 2020
Anonymous RM10.00 June 30, 2020
ivy ambrose RM20.00 June 29, 2020
Elaine Elysha Irwanto RM50.00 June 29, 2020
Anonymous RM50.00 June 29, 2020
Anonymous RM10.00 June 29, 2020
Derrick Teh RM500.00 June 28, 2020
Anonymous RM200.00 June 25, 2020
Anonymous RM10.00 June 25, 2020
Anonymous RM10.00 June 25, 2020
Anonymous RM100.00 June 25, 2020
biana yap RM500.00 June 25, 2020
Anonymous RM50.00 June 24, 2020
arb arb RM100.00 June 24, 2020
Anonymous RM200.00 June 24, 2020
Ng Hui Xin RM100.00 June 24, 2020
Carol Fung RM50.00 June 24, 2020
Anonymous RM50.00 June 24, 2020
Anonymous RM10.00 June 24, 2020
Anonymous RM10.00 June 23, 2020
Derrick Teh RM1,000.00 June 20, 2020
Kenneth Wong RM100.00 June 20, 2020
Anonymous RM200.00 June 19, 2020
Kin Peng Tan RM50.00 June 19, 2020
Anonymous RM10.00 June 19, 2020
Anonymous RM50.00 June 19, 2020
Anonymous RM10.00 June 18, 2020
Anonymous RM500.00 June 16, 2020
Geresuk KC RM100.00 June 16, 2020
Anonymous RM50.00 June 16, 2020


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