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Our aim is to serve Vendor Community with opportunity to assess Mobile Application in their daily sales. Targeting the Farms as the 1st Project, and subsequently extending into other industry, e.g. Food, Flowers, Pets and any other Consumer Products.

The Mobile Application will be allocated to all Vendors free of charge. No Development Cost. No Maintenance Cost.

There will be Commissions chargeable to Vendors for every Sales Order, however will only be at a very Low Costing, i.e. between 5% – 10% depending on the size of Vendors List of Products.

Help Us Build Mobile Application For Vendor Community

by Jay Jay Zhi Hong Yosang Yap

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Selangor, Malaysia

Jay Jay Zhi Hong Yosang Yap

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What is this Mobile Application about?

It is a Mobile Application tailored to suit Vendor Community that will consists of 2 Versions:

1. Primary Version: 3J-mFarm Main Version

This main version carries all the name of Farms Vendors or Partners, product such as Vegetables, Fruits, Crops, Organic, Flowers, Bees, etc. Proper categorization of Products Types as well as Farms Locations will ensure good user experience.

No Joining Fee, No Partner Fee, No Registration Fee, no whatever fee will be charged.

Mobile Application will allow 3 types of delivery mode: Home Delivery, Take-Away and Dine-In.

Every Sales Order will be charged a Commission of between 5% – 10% off the Sales Value. Commission charges are merely to offset some System Maintenance Cost without burdening the Vendors.

2. Secondary Version: Individual Vendors or Personalized Versions

These individual versions are all exact replica from the Primary Version, but with a certain degree of customizations in order to represent them as the Vendors own personal Mobile Applications.

There will also be 3 types of delivery mode. The aim is to allow Vendors Loyal Customers to make direct orders without going through Primary (General) Version. Most importantly direct promotion with customize discount can be catered directly to individual customer.

The same costing will apply as per Primary Version, i.e. Free-for-Use. The chargeable Commission for Sales Order is also similar.


Maintenance of Mobile Application System will be handled fully by 3J-mFarm Management. However, the actual process of Home Delivery and Payment Gateway will be outsourced to reliable 3rd Party in order to reduce cost and relieve man-resources that will ultimately maintain the Mobile Application as free of charges.

Finally, the true aim of the Mobile Application is to gain Revenue from Fixed Advertising inserted at the bottom of every page of every single version of Mobile Application.

Primary Version and every individual Secondary Version of Mobile Application will be treated as separate or different channel of advertising slots.

There will be at least 10 fixed advertisers per version. Example: 1 Primary Version + 50 Secondary Versions = 51 x 10 = 510 Advertising Slots.

Advertising will not affect user experience nor will it disrupt system performance.

Revenue from this source will ensure continuation of project and free usage for all vendors.

Reward For All Pledgers

  • 20% Dividend for every RM1.00 Pledge.
  • 1st Dividend payout will be by end of December 2021.


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