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My name is Tan Yi Chun, a passionate young man and a dog lover. I have always been avoiding topic like dog abuse, stray dog injury, how owner treat their dog badly, etc.

This is because it is really heart breaking to read related articles or videos. However, when I met a new friend, Felicia a few weeks ago, she inspired me that, instead of avoiding, I should have courage to view those videos or articles to really find out how the real situation is in our society these days.

Yes, looking at these heartbreaking videos and visuals makes me really upset, but at the same time, I know the location or who hurt the poor animals, so I can try my best to help them. I want to help animal shelters as they dedicated their time and resources to help stray animals without asking for anything in return,  and the only way for them to continue their vision and tasks is through donation. Over the years, there were a lot of animal shelters that was forced to shut down due to sustainability issues.

Through Felicia, I came across A Pet’s Journal, a home shelter where a family dedicated their time to save the blind, paralyzed and injured animals (dogs) and rehome them. They never put any furry kids to sleep as they believe in giving them a chance to live. They don’t even have big space to shelter, hence they take in these furry kids into their house. To date, they have around 120 furry kids and to sustain, they sell meatloaves, cookies and animals treats. A Pet’s Journal really doing noble job and need our help to fund their operation.  And this the reason why I started this campaign to help them.


by Tan Yi Chun

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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Tan Yi Chun

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About A Pet’s Journal

Their journey started in 2013 when they rescued an accident victim (dog) and brought her to the vet. However, the vet told them to put her to sleep (PTS) as that’s the usual advice from vets to all paralyzed dogs to stop their suffering.

However, they decided to give her a second chance and convince the vet to treat her. 6 months later, she slowly made progress and started standing again.

If they did not intervene the vet to end the dog’s life, the poor dog would have lost any chance to prove anyone wrong – that they too can get better over time.

They bought her a wheelchair and until today, she is still with them. They make a stand for their vision that paralyzed furries can be treated and even if some have a slim chance to recover, they can still have a normal life just like others furries. They made the decision to dedicate their life to rescue the blind, paralyzed, injured and disabled dog and rehome them. To date, they have at least 124 furries sheltered in their house now.


Throughout the years, they saved a lot of furry kids. Once they even saved a furry kid that got impaled by a construction steel bar and penetrated through her ribs cage. A Pet’s Journal rescued the furry kid and brought her to vet for treatment. They paid the bill through public donations.

Poor kid!

Despite the pain, she still try to put up a smile.


Getting better!


They saved an injured fur kid due to a hit and run case. The irresponsible driver left her in the drain so she can die slowly.  As you can see, the fur kid is badly injured with its intestine exposed. A Pet’s Journal lift her from the drain, put her in the car and brought her to the vet for treatment. Once again, they paid the vet’s bill via public donations.

Shoved into the drain and left to die.

Intestines exposed.

Rescued by A Pet’s Journal and on the way to the vet.

Getting treated for multiple injuries.

Getting better after surgery and treatment.


To date, they have rescued and rehome up to 30+ blind fur kids. Usually vet would advice anyone to put blind fur kids to sleep because it is extremely difficult to take care blind furry kids, but they stand firm on their mission to give them a second chance and a new home.

Eyes infected and totally blind.

Bulging eye, had to be removed.

Totally blind.

Totally Blind.

Blind, but inside they are very much ‘alive’ and able to enjoy simple things we take for granted.


They recently rescued a paralyzed mother dog with puppies. The mother was badly injured and both of her leg bones are exposed. The mother dragged herself on the road to look for food  to feed her puppies. A Pet’s Journal rescued her, brought her to the vet for treatment and gave the mother and puppies a home. They paid for the vet’s bill funded by the kind public’s donation.

Malnourished, have been in pain for a while before she was rescued. She lives on for the sake of her puppies.

Wounds were infected and she lost her legs.

Her puppies – the reason why she lives on despite being injured.

In pain, she crawled to the corner to self soothe herself.

After surgery and under treatment at the vet’s.

They need your support to continue their mission:

In totality, they need at least RM25,000 per month to take care of total over 120 furry kids, to provide food and treatment for them. In order to survive and continue to fulfill their mission, they work hard selling homemade meatloaf, cookies and treats for fur kids to sustain their operation to become a self-funded shelter.

A plea.

Unfortunately, sometimes things does not goes smoothly. Once there was a person that cancelled 12 meatloaf orders when the volunteer deliver the meatloaf at their doorstep.

There were times when peoples placed the order but does not respond when volunteer calls or message them.

Recently one of the family member of A Pet’s Journal was admitted to the hospital due to gallbladder and stomach issues and had a surgery. She won’t be able to bake cookies for 2 weeks. Financially they are struggling to make ends meet.






















They need to pay huge amount of money for the vet bills and monthly expenses for their operation.

A public plea.

Snapshot of their current income. Not enough to sustain over 120 fur kids that needs a chance.

Vet bills.

More Vet bills.

Another vet bill.

Income depleting.



What do they need?

They need funding to:

  • Monthly food for the fur kids under their care and  manpower wage that helps them look after the rescued animals.
  • To pay outstanding vet bills (various treatments and surgeries).
  • Raw ingredients to bake meatloaf, cookie and treats.

How can you help?

We humbly plea to the public to help us support them by donating from as little as RM10 so they can continue their mission. No one else are willing to do at least half of what they are doing now – so they need all the support they can get to keep this going. Give these poor fur kids a chance to live and be loved.

  • 2020-09-08

    RM1000 Donation Received!

    Thank you for being supportive and generous to support them!

  • 2020-09-08

    Another RM1000 Donation Received!

    Thank you for being supportive and generous to support them!

  • 2020-09-24


    A Pet’s Journal has received a 7 days notice to evacuate to other place. They don’t have enough time and money to secure a factory and move all furies. THEY NEED OUR HELP BADLY!

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Anonymous RM200.00 July 19, 2021
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Anonymous RM50.00 September 08, 2020
Anonymous RM50.00 September 08, 2020
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Anonymous RM100.00 September 08, 2020
Anonymous RM100.00 September 08, 2020
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Anonymous RM20.00 September 08, 2020
Anonymous RM100.00 September 08, 2020
Anonymous RM50.00 September 08, 2020


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