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We believe that all women should feel free to do what they want and be their true selves, and that motorcycling is one of the best vehicles for women to challenge gender stereotypes, build their self-confidence and achieve whatever they set their mind to.

2 wheels to free wills

by Alison Grün

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Malaysia, France

Alison Grün

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Short Note About Me

Im Alison, I’m French and I’ve been living in Malaysia since 2015. I ride a Harley since 2004 and I’ve also done a few Royal Enfield trips in India and Nepal, which totally blew my mind and warmed my heart on so many fronts. I witnessed firsthand the so many constraints women live under, be it societal, religious, familial, and also the incredible resilience, talents and love for the others that rural women have. I am also a long-term member of the hard-nosed boy’s club, always craving for adventures and not minding whether it’s for men or women. Since I’ve been in Malaysia, I also discovered the brain, sophistication, and sisterhood spirit of my fellow female riders, and realised the power of 2 wheels for them to express their true selves. They are the ones who inspired me to start FreeW.

During my corporate life, I’ve always looked for roles engaging with people from different cultural backgrounds and found most joy in seeing my team members liberating their full potential. I love to be challenged and learn new things. I have always endeavoured to set new standards to old paradigms.

I’ve just decided to make the most of my business skills for a cause that is closer to my heart and hope to free the potential of many women. I am convinced that the whole humanity will benefit from a more inclusive society, in which both men and women can be themselves and exercise their freewill.

My friends say I’m a lioness among cats, resilient and free-spirited.

Women: Finding Their True Selves

Motorcycling can be a source of emotional, physical and psychological freedom.

That’s why I’m driven to organise women-led motorcycle experiences in countries where visiting women get to discover the life of other women in their host country, support their economic independence, and inspire each others to break barriers to freedom.

What I like most is to see women laughing and being so true to themselves. I’m also always impressed by some women who look very shy and as soon as they are on their bike, they are so self-confident and in control. I love to see women taking leadership roles as well during those rides. I feel I can trust them. It’s always well organised and they are reliable. We don’t feel the pressure of riding fast or following men’s rules and guidance, there is no competition, and it’s just lots of fun.

Team Of Women Riders

Women Riders Unite

About FreeW Mission

Encourage all women to feel free to do what they want and be their true selves, to improve their quality of life and that of all others around them, by boosting their self-confidence, contributing to their economic independence, fostering sisterhood across borders, and challenging gender stereotypes through motorcycling.

FreeW will be a self-sufficient ecosystem around motorcycling for women, encompassing motorcycle: organised women-led road trips and tours, riding courses, clubhouse, rentals, loans, and gear – as well as a platform for them to leverage on their motorcycle related skills towards economic independence.

The trips are one of the sources of funding in order to finance the other initiatives targeted at underprivileged women. Core concepts of the trips: women bikers are led by a local woman guide and local support team, off the beaten track at the encounter of local communities and women to experience their life and learn about their cultures/ special skills, collaboration with local NGOs which empower women through skills and jobs, taking our time to enjoy our journey along the way and prioritizing homestays where we can make greater impact to local communities

Why Support This Mission?

Supporters who contribute to the project can get some rewards- going from a virtual hug (or real one if in KL), to a Harley-Davidson bike ride in KL, or experiencing our first Nepal trip through exclusive content by sponsoring a woman rider, or even take part in the trip if they are women. Most importantly, the supporters of this mission will have a sense of purpose and satisfaction in seeing free women.

You should support this mission if you wish to live in a more inclusive society, in which people can be their true-selves and exercise their freewill, in which both men and women collaborate with each other towards the sustainable development goals.

You could also support this mission if you believe that women on bikes are just super fun and cool, and you want to see some more. You could support this mission if you’d like to see more economically independent and self-confident women. You could also support this mission if you wish to take part in sustainable tourism initiatives as our road trips focus on homestays and visiting rural communities to boost local economies through women. Last but not least, by supporting FreeW, you are also supporting NGOs we will be contributing to:

Women Of Will transforms the lives of disadvantaged women in Malaysia and their communities through micro-credit financing combined with an Entrepreneurial Development Program.

Their mission is to end violence against women and promote gender equality in Malaysia. It’s the largest service provider for domestic violence survivors in Malaysia. They not only provide a shelter for victims but most importantly support and educate them to lift themselves out of their abusive situation, while training the broader communities on women’s rights.

Empowers women through education and skills. We can stay at their hotel, take classes with them and also hire some of their guides

Through our trips and stay in communities, we can have a direct impact on the lives of local people by helping them improve their standards of living. We could show the hosts and locals how to interact with foreigners, provide basic health care and hygiene trainings, take an initiative to protect the environment by teaching the locals sustainable practices and/or engaging in planting trees, curate written and multimedia contents that can help promote the homestays

Creating a generation of confident women, who are equipped with mobility as a skill for empowerment and employment. MoWo’s mission is to create a safe and reliable commute option ‘For women – By women’ and in doing so empower women to become self reliant and confident.

Making an Impact

The main community that is to be impacted are the underprivileged women in Asia, through providing them with new means to boost their self-confidence and become independent. They can be recipients of riding classes, access job opportunities related to 2 wheels, or welcome touring ladies in their homestays. They will learn new skills or improve their existing ones, and discover both their own potential and all the opportunities in front of them.

But privileged women will also be impacted because all women, no matter their background, have something to share and to teach, and can benefit from self-confidence. For those joining the trips, they will challenge themselves both mentally and physically, and experience heart warming interactions on a daily basis. They will also join a cross- cultural community of fun and supportive ladies separated by borders but united by their free spirit, thirst for adventure, and willingness to extend their sisterhood bonds.

We inspire and get inspired


I am raising funds for 2 main purposes:

  1. Contribute to the first trip to Nepal organised at the end of April, including contributions to NGO activities, and sponsor some of the lady riders who wish to participate and don’t have the budget:                        UPDATE: Due to Covid, the trip was postponed, and a Malaysia trip will be prioritised until international borders reopen
  2. contribute to the set-up and operating expenses to set-up a social enterprise (i.e. registration, banking fees, insurance, company secretary), digital media and communication consultant,  website creation/hosting/domain name, motorcycle guide and coach

My supporters in this mission

I’m supported by the Malaysian lady bikers community, including:

  • Joanne Loong: HR business partner at Experian
  • Nadiah Wafa: National Paragliding Athlete & Freelance Creative Director- First Malaysian female paragliding athlete to win overall women champion at an international paragliding competition,
  • Mariana Ford: Cyclist / Duathlete- Representing Malaysia at SEA Games 2019
  • Tina Sharman: Malaysian guardian for the Women Riders World Relay 2019
  • Mila Wadan: Former TV host and reporter- One of the first lady riders in Malaysia

I’m also looking for my “partner in crime”

I’m looking for my accomplice to lead this project because I find most pleasure in collaboration and I’m convinced diversity and complementary are key for such a mission.

It will likely involve long hours, endless discussions, and little money, but if you are as passionate as I am, you will wake up every morning with a smile and a sense of purpose. You will have the flexibility to decide what work-life balance means for you, the opportunity to collaborate with impactful people, and experience heart-warming interactions on a daily basis.

I need a believer and resilient person by my side, who is ready to question the status quo, thinks outside the box, and is honest enough to tell me when I’m messing up. A human being capable of taking initiatives, and willing to keep learning. Tolerant, versatile, and patient enough to be able to work with team members across the world and from different cultural backgrounds. Somebody I will share amazing adventures with, support no matter what, and who will also have my back when things go wrong (because they always do). Motorcycle rider is a definite plus, but I can teach you!

Experience/knowledge and/or network in: NGOs, events/venue management, micro-lending, and sustainable tourism- would be very useful. The role will involve many diverse tasks but I’m really craving for some social media/ website/ content management freak, and administrative/PM skills.

Preferably based in Kuala Lumpur.

You can check out my page to have some idea of where I’m heading, and if this sounds like you or you know somebody who would be up for it, please reach out to me!

Disclaimer: This is the attempted description of my perfect “partner in crime”, but we are all perfect in our own way so please reach out if you feel this might add value to your life or wish to take part in any way, and we’ll see if we match 😉




A virtual hug through a video call. I\'ll tell you more about the project and answer questions you may have. I\'m happy to have those meetings or conf calls during the whole duration of the campaign. I will share my skype and we will arrange for a slot

August, 2020

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AEON vouchers of 50RM value- valid until 31st March 2022- to be picked up in Bukit Bintang area

April, 2020

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A box of 3 Handmade Grenades For Good (Seed Bombs). Give back to the environment. To be picked up at KL sentral at Hanafundme office

August, 2020

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13 rewards left


Zalora voucher valid until 31st December 2020- to be picked up in Bukit Bintang area

April, 2020

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1 backers
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A portion of this will go to Womens Aid Organisation, to buy sanitary products and distribute them to the women and girls in the rural areas of Malaysia. Tentative Malaysia trip in August

July, 2020

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A Harley-Davidson bike ride experience within Kuala Lumpur. We will meet in KL city center at a coffee shop, and I will take each of you on a ride in town, or bring a few of my lady riders to take you all together on a ride. Helmet provided

July, 2020

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Half a day motorcycle ride in and around Kuala Lumpur with FREE coffee on us. We will meet in KL city center at a coffee shop, and I will take each of you on a ride in town, or bring a few of my lady riders to take you all together on a ride. Helmet provided

July, 2020

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A full day motorcycle ride in and around Kuala Lumpur with Coffee and Lunch on us. We will meet in KL city center at a coffee shop, and I will take you on a day ride. You choose, I ride. I provide helmet

June, 2020

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Your name as Special sponsor of FreeW will be publicised on our fan page and you will have the opportunity to meet us, either face to face in Malaysia or over conference call, and we will share exclusive photos and videos of the experience/journey with you. Depending on the sponsorship date, you will get to experience the Malaysia, Nepal, India, or Myanmar trip

August, 2020

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  • 2020-05-01

    Covid19 opportunity

    Dear backers,

    This campaign was put on hold since the trip to Nepal had to be postponed and most funding was to be raised for that purpose.
    However, I have been working with fellow Malaysian riders to accelerate the creation of a similar trip in Malaysia to support underprivileged women. I'm also working with a defensive riding trainer to propose a motorcycle course for women.
    So you contributions will still be helpful in funding some of those FreeW initiatives and I will soon modify this campaign to adapt to the new context.

    Thank you all

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Anonymous RM100.00 March 21, 2020


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